Adjusting your game for weak opponents

Whenever I play poker then I am always trying to draw weaker players into playing big pots on my terms. But this underlines how so many players allow themselves to become trapped in pots. When I play at NL100 I am trying to create value and stack players in increments. This is the best way to do it for two clear reasons.

Firstly your opponents will simply not have all that much of a hand most of the time. This means that escalating the pot too quickly is simply going to scare them away. It is almost like fishing in principle because if you try to reel them in too fast then you will lose them. So because of this fact then players will fold an awful lot and especially in full ring games where your average player is far more risk averse!

So you need to increase the pot size in increments and here is an example. You flop a set on a board of Q-7-2 and your opponent has Q-J. If they bet then you probably shouldn’t raise as a raise is showing your opponent that they will probably have to put their stack in the middle. They will obviously not be prepared to do that with such a hand and so you need to allow them to place more money into the pot on their own terms. If they check the turn then make a half pot bet. They will not know if this is a bet of strength or simply because they have checked so they are far more likely to call again.

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