Turbo Strategy

No matter what the level of turbo you are playing, from 10p to £50, the style of play you must use, is TIGHT/AGG. (Learn how to fight and aggressive poker player during a heads-up tournament). The key is to pick your own spots ALWAYS, rather than shove with A-10 under the gun, wait till your by the button with 7-3 and everyone has folded to you and take the blinds.

My advice is to stay super tight while the blinds are meaningless, then just start picking your spots once the antes kick in. If someone else has shoved all in, and your thinking your A-10 looks good, don’t do it, that’s his spot, pick your own.

turbo strategy poker

Because there’s no room for play in turbos, its all in or fold once the blinds hit 300-600 ( in the type of sng’s I’m playing here 45 player games) so don’t get involved unless its on your terms.

If you shove with 7-6 suited (click here to learn the power of suited cards in poker) and the BB calls you , so be it lets gamble, its on your terms, you didn’t call your chips off, you made the play , it was your balls , so lets do it!

That’s the attitude to adopt in these crazy games!
Pick your own spots, that’s how to beat them!

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