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How to Play Pocket Jacks

Packet Jacks can be quite a tricky hand to play because they are a relatively high pair that is more than capable of winning but they are instantly put in jeopardy the moment a Queen, King or Ace appears on the flop.

Let’s cover the three options that you have pre-flop with pocket jacks:

Folding Pocket Jacks

This is not a very good idea as pocket jacks are actually the 5th best starting hand in poker.

Play Pocket Jacks

Calling with Pocket Jacks

Calling a raise with Pocket Jacks is generally a good idea. Odds are the player raising has a high card such as a King or Ace and chances are it wont appear on the flop giving them a pair.

When deciding whether to call you should take into account your personal poker style and strengths. For example are you a stong pre-flop player or do you take the game out post flop?.

Some other things you will need to consider when calling is what you will do it a later player re-raises, what you’ll do it a player goes all-in, what you will do if a card higher than a jack appears on the flop and what you will do if the other players pay to see the flop and there is nothing higher than a 10.

Raising with Pocket Jacks

The decision as to whether you should raise pre-flop with pocket jacks depends on the table. Raising is generally a better idea on more tight and passive tables. This will generally give you a good idea of the quality of the other players hands and what you could be up against.

Generally the best way to play pocket pairs is to simply limp in, call any raises (as long as they aren’t too big) and then jump ship if a higer card appears on the flop or play aggressively if you have the top pair.