Chasing a Flush Online

Chasing a flush refers to betting post-flop in the hopes that you will make a flush, even though you might not have anything at the time. For example if you have a 4 of Hearts and an Ace of Hearts and the Flop came up with 5H, 9S, 10H than you would have a flush draw meaning that if you hit one more heart you have a flush.

So should you bet or call in the hopes that you will get a flush draw? Well that depends on the situation. For a starters many people seem to think that faced with this situation you have a 50% of hitting the flush draw but that is wrong.

Flush Online

Seeing as you are holding two hearts and there are two more hearts on the table this means that 4 of the suit are already in play – leaving on 9 that can help you. Statistically this means that the chances of hitting another heart on either the turn or the river is 42%.

Furthermore if you do not hit the heart on the turn than most likely you are already committed to the pot and will feel obligated to call any more raises to see the river – even though the probably of hitting it will have dropped dramatically to 21%.

So what should you do? Just remember that chasing a flush is an extremely risky strategy – I’m not saying that you should never do it but only in the right situation. If you feel like you are being made to over commit to the pot – don’t do it. If it’s simple a case of calling a small raise than go for it, just make sure you know the odds.

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