Putting Yourself In Their Shoes

In live poker you can see your opponents eyes or the colour of their face drain away as you check raise them. This is a easy way of picking up tells.
In Online Poker these options are taken away from us, so we try to pick up on betting patterns and how active opponents are at your table. It is here you will find out what type of poker players your opponent is and what type of poker player you are.

In micro level sng’s ($1-$5) a good way to spot strength/bluffs in your opponents is to put yourself in their shoes. You know the things that you do if you flop the nuts or the things you do if your bluffing.

So if they are check raising you, if their making C-BETS, just ask yourself what you would have to be holding if you was in their situation to be making the play that they are.


You are sitting in the BB with A-Q, its folded to the cutoff who raises 3x and you make the call. Flop comes down 2-7-5 and you check to the OR who checks behind you.

Whats the first thing you think ….. he has trips? Why? Cause that’s what you’d have done in their situation if you flopped trips.

Always look how they’ve played the hand and ask yourself if you were in their seat what would you have to be holding to play the hand in the way they have.
By doing this you can minimize their range of hands to 2-3 options.

Once you start playing against better players at bigger levels, the majority of people know this, so they make their bluffs appear like they have the nuts, or their nuts to appear like bluffs.

It’s a ” you know that i know, that you know, i know ” kinda attitude , cause its a huge mind game against strong players. But I’ll save that theory for later or you can read other tips in this poker blog.

In micro levels, everyone’s doing pretty much the same plays, so just put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself questions. Even when your the one in control of the hand and your making the bets, put yourself in your opponents shoes and ask yourself if i was sitting in their seat what would make me believe they have the nuts.

Because if you make yourself believe you have the nuts, then trust me they will to.

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