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Casino Review: Intercasino

Intercasino has been around a long time. They opened up in 1996, right at the cusp of the online casino revolution. The fact that they’ve been in business for as long as they have is an indication of their commitment to excellence. In an industry where casinos are constantly coming in and out of business, it is clearly apparent that the folks at Intercasino are doing something right. Online Gambling Magazine has taken notice of this and has awarded Intercasino with their coveted “Best Casino” award three times in a row.

The engine behind Intercasino is courtesy of software giant, Cryptologic, which has been at the top of the online casino software field since the very beginning. As with the other casinos that license the Cryptologic platform, there is both a download version and an in-browser no download version. Both have their pluses and minuses, but the download software is truly amazing to look at. The no download version is no slouch, but it is more limited in scope, and really better suited to players who want to get a few games in on the road—whether on their mobile or at a friend’s house.

The download software package ties you up to one computer. But it is absolutely worth it. The graphics and sound are constantly being updated to be on the cusp of technological innovation. It is detailed, realistic, and extremely beautiful. Unlike other casinos that try to simulate the seedy interiors of brick and mortar establishments, Intercasino has opted for a clean and modern interface that perfectly suits the computer. They don’t try to pretend to be something they are not. And it makes for a surprisingly enjoyable experience.


Players are immediately treated to an easy banking solution that welcomes several payment methods. The real draw, however, is the fantastic bonuses Intercasino offers both new players as well as veterans. The Welcome Bonus is a generous 100% Deposit Match. There is a limit of $/€/£250, but upon first deposit, you will find $/€/£500 sitting in your bank. There are casinos out there that offer bigger welcome bonuses, but they can’t match the sheer variety of bonuses that Intercasino offers after the initial Welcome Bonus. Yes, the first bonus isn’t as high, but take all the other bonuses they offer, and they eclipse the other casinos.

One of the more interesting bonuses offered at Intercasino is the outstanding “Where’s Ryan H?” Bonus. This is an anomaly in large online casinos, but Ryan Hartley, the casino’s manager actually goes from table to table and introduces himself to players. If he chats with you, he’s liable to give you $50 just because he’s that kind of guy. Of course everyone knows about it, so you will be competing for his attention with other players, but it is quite interesting to see what kinds of things people will say in order to stand out from the crowd. It is a sort of game in its own right. He makes things even more interesting if he challenges you to play at one of the Blackjack tables. If you win against him he will add another $100 or $200 to your win. It’s absurd and unique all at once. You will certainly not find this kind of bonus promo anywhere else. Read More →