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How to Play Pocket Nines

Pocket 9’s are quite a strong hand to have. It is quite possible that you can take the pot with your pocket nines and it is more than okay to be somewhat aggressive with them but it is crucial not too be overly aggressive and play too fast.

A better strategy is to not play aggressively until post flop. If the flop comes out and it is looking like you have the top pair than playing aggressive is fine, if you raise pre-flop and get called only to find an ace on the flop you are in a tight situation as you are already somewhat committed to the pot yet there is a chance one of the other players could be holding another ace. However there are exceptions when it may be good raise pre-flop with pocket nines.

Play Pocket Nines

The following are two good strategies on how 99 should be played preflop depending on what kind of player you are:

How a Loose Player should play pocket 9’s preflop:

If you are in the early position raise an unopened pot, re-raise a raise howeer if someone re-raises then fold.

If you are in the middle position than you should call a raise

If you are in the late position than you should raise an unraised pot if there’s 3 or more people in the pot yet fold if one of those player re-raises.

If you are on the blinds than you should raise an unraised pot, calling a raise yet fold to any re-raise. Read More →