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How to Play Pocket Queens

Pocket queens are definitely not a hand that should be frowned upon. However it is quite a bit harder to play well pre-flop than pocket aces or pocket kings. The reason? Because whilst it is a strong hand it is also quite vulnerable – for 31% of the time a higher card will appear on the flop making it a very difficult play for anyone holding QQ.

Because of how difficult QQ can be to play post flop it is advisable for a beginner player to simply try to get as much money as they can in the pot pre-flop so they wont have to make difficult decisions later on. The only exception to this however is if you are re-raised by an extremely tight player.


A more advanced player however should just focus on reading the other players. If the players behind you are passive/tight than you should raise your pocket queens from an early position however if you have realized that a certain player behind you has been raising limpers on many hands regardless of strength than you should limp in order to trap an overagressive player. This way when the opponent raises you can re-raise them putting them in a situation where they are very pot committed and may just have to call.

This is an excellent strategy particularly on the low limit tables in which the opponent’s pride will make them call even though they have a far weaker hand.