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Playing vs. the Shortstacks (cash)

Chances are you have played a cash game against one of these guys. These are the people who show up at your table with the minimum buy in. Shortstack players are annoying players to play against. I try to avoid tables that have too many shortstacks because it is very hard to get value out of them. You might hit quads against them and all you are going to get is the minimum buy-in, lame. I would much rather hit my quads against a player who is playing with a full stack.

I have found that these short stack players usually play one of two ways. Some of them play very tight pre-flop so when they have a hand they try to get their minimum buy-in into the pot as quick as possible. I think these type of shortstackers are a bit more rare than the next type but still pretty easy to play against (raise their blinds and fold to their re-raises or their initial raises). The second type of short stack player is the one who likes to call a lot of hands pre-flop. They want to see a bunch of flops so they can push all in when they hit any part of the flop. They often will call you pre-flop with just about anything. This is the type of shortstacker I would like to talk about for the rest of this post.

When you think about it, this type of player is pretty easy to play against post-flop. When they hit any part of the flop they will usually bet or raise you. If you do not have anything, you should probably just give up the pot when they bet or raise your bet. The good news is they are typically very reluctant to call unless they hit the flop OR are on a straight/flush draw. This means you can continuation bet the flop (even just 60%-70% of the pot if you have nothing) and they will fold when they have missed.

Shortstacks poker

Now, lets say they called your continuation bet on the flop, now what? Well, it should be good news for you because it tells you a lot about their hand. I find when they simply call your bet it usually means that they are weak (maybe hit bottom pair) or they are on some sort of draw. Some would say they could be slowrolling you with a made hand like trips but if that is the case they really can not hurt you too much because they are short stacked. If I have a hand on the flop I do not worry about them having trips, if they have it I lose the minimum buy in which is not a big deal because usually you can lose much more when an opponent hits trips against you. You probably are not going to fold top pair to a shortstack so lets not worry about hands like trips. Also for the rest of the hand lets say we have top pair top kicker. At this stage of the hand they are ALMOST pot committed with any 2 cards. Remember, they called your pre-flop raise and your flop bet, chances are they have already invested 25%-30% of their chips into the pot. Read More →