The 4 Online Poker Player Styles

Getting a good read on your players means you need to know what to look for. Here we break players styles down into four distinct categories:

Loose-Aggressive, Tight Aggressive, Loose-Passive and Tight-Passive

The “Loose” or “Tight” part will tell you how many hands a player plays in (Loose for a lot, tight for only a few) and the “Agressive” or “Passive” part will tell you about the player’s betting strategy.

If you are able to recognize these playing styles and assign them to different poker players than you are one step closer to being able to combat their actions and kick their ass.

Online Poker Player Styles


The Loose Agressive player is one of the most common players in the online poker world. They have a tendancy to bet often, big and often go all-in. These players can be quite tricky to get a proper read on because it is hard to tell when he does have a good hand or when he is bluffing.


The Tight-Aggressive player will only bet when they have one of the absolute best hands possible. As opposed to the Loose-Aggressive player who will bluff often the Tight-Aggressive player will hardly ever bet (if at all). However when the tight-aggressive player does have a good hand they will bet big and often.


The Loose-Passive player is the player that wants to get a peek at every single hand but doesn’t want to pay for it or get involved in the betting. They often check or call to relatively small bets so that they can see the cards but mostly wont force any betting to take place by raising.


The Tight-Passive player is the player that hardly plays at all. They play hardly any hands at all and even when they do get a great hand they will simply call instead of raising and trying to get a big pot for their cards.

Generally in online poker tournaments the Tight-Agressive is seen to be the best strategy of all four.

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